Rosebud and Goldleaf Locket
Rosebud and Goldleaf Locket

Rosebud and Goldleaf Locket

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Hand made in West Cork by Ruby Robin.

A single rosebud, carefully dried,  encased on a bed of moss and gold leaf in a brass pendant on a brass chain necklace - giving this necklace a real vintage look and feel.

The natural beauty of the flower has been captured in eco-resin, to create a vibrant keepsake to last a lifetime.

The locket has been hung on a 18 inch long bronze chain.

Roses have had a deeply symbolic meaning since the time of the Greeks and Romans, when they were affiliated with Aphrodite and Venus, the Goddess's of love, beauty and femininity. In Victorian times, pink roses symbolizes happiness, and rosebuds to symbolize new love.

As this piece was made real flowers and plants, take care to keep it dry and to store it safely away from direct sunlight when you're not wearing it.