Tuscan Grove
Tuscan Grove

Tuscan Grove

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100% soy wax candle made in Ireland by Clean Slate

Lose yourself in a wander through citrus groves and rolling hills.  The scent of fresh oranges and woody honeyed amber are carried on a warm breeze.   Under the pergola the air is heavy with the sweet perfume of orange blossoms in full bloom.  This scent is a magical evening with a contented heart and velvety sunset.

  • 100% soy wax in an amber jar
  • Handmade in Dublin, Ireland
  • 180ml burn time approx. 35hrs

C L E A N  S L A T E founder Nicole Connolly has always had a love for fragrance, gorgeous products, design and creativity, as well as an obsession with candles. So it was inevitable that she began making her own Little Luxuries that would blend these passions. This grew into creating a range of products that are aesthetically pleasing, high quality and eco-friendly